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Chris & Shawn


Where did you meet: Lemonjello’s coffee shop in Holland (pronounced luh-MON-juh-lo’s)

First impression of Chris: I believe I texted Janelle that he had nice hands and smells amazing. Also, he seemed very genuine.

Favorite Movie: Sound of Music

Favorite Band/Artist (at the moment): Johnnyswim


Where did you meet: Lemonjello’s (pronounced Lemon-Jello’s)

First impression of Shawn: Sweet

Favorite Movie: Bull Durham

Favorite Band/Artist (at the moment):

How We Met

Short story…we met in a little coffee shop downtown Holland called Lemonjello’s. It’s pronounced Le-MOHN-jullo’s (unless you’re Chris, then it’s Lemon-Jello’s)…Chris smelled amazing and talked about his 3 awesome kids… I likely talked about recently moving into a cute little place in Holland. And I may have asked if he had connections to get me a ride with one of the blue angels. Ya know, cuz he’s a pilot so naturally he can make that happen, right?

We could’ve talked for hours but I had to meet up with my friend Janelle to help with a wedding shoot that afternoon. Being the perfect gentleman, Chris offered to walk me and got to meet Janelle and invite us both to a party at his friend Eric’s later that night. Perfect opportunity to get a 2nd opinion on this handome pilot that I pretty much had already fallen in love with. Coincidentally, a couple at the table Janelle and I were seated at just hours later at the reception, happened to know this handsome pilot that I was all twitterpated over.